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Body Branding: First Impressions Matter


I had no friends in California. At least not for the first year. And I’m not the type to creep at a bar by myself. So I stayed in, saved money and started hitting the gym. California being the granola capital of the world, I saw a nutritionist and learned how to eat right.

Over the course of many months I gained 10 pounds of muscle. If I may say so myself, I looked good!

Fast forward to friends, weekend trips to Las Vegas and moving back to NYC, I lost it all. Truth be told, I’ve always struggled with my weight and recently it’s gotten worse.

At work, our meetings are over Google Hangouts. You know how the camera is supposed to add 10 pounds? Well, I must be the exception. In April on three separate occasions, my co-workers commented on my weight. And by ‘comment,’ they all said I looked shockingly thin.

The first time I took it as a random observation and laughed it off. The second time was still just a coincidence, but I was starting to get paranoid. The third time made my minimal body mass a reality. Good things come in threes, right? I did my best to see the silver lining.

After an initial date with denial, I got real and decided to get my sexy back. Today I’m back in the gym, but not for the reasons you’re imagining.

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Summer Reading: the War of Art


Amazon Prime and I are close friends. We hook up at least twice a month and three days later a brand new book arrives at my door.

I had to share the latest and greatest read with you.

My new friend Michael Parrish DuDell (check him out here) recommended the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Have you ever read something that spoke to your ambitions, reservations and regret, all at the same time?

I was instantly hooked. Cover to cover, I finished the War of Art in two days and afterwards I felt like I could do more. I’ve been meaning to step up my writing game, and now I was ready. GO TIME! But of course, that feeling was quickly forgotten and I wound up right where I was before…no where.

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My Friend Mo


Let me tell you about my friend, Mo. We bonded, like most friends do, over good times that could never be shared in a family friendly blog.

It was that, and the fact we were two east coast guys living on the west coast. We didn’t fit in, but we got each other. I’m the finance refugee turned Google guy and Mo’s the standout from Queens and Master of Engineering. Literally, my boy has a masters in engineering (that guys smart!).

Mo and I are entrepreneurs in training, and some of our best conversations are over a brew brainstorming business ideas. You should try it. Grab a group of your friends, sit down and try to solve a problem differently. Creatively. Collaboratively. It’s an intellectual exercise in ingenuity, and I live for it.

Lately, our problems had nothing to do with business but career. And by lately, I mean forever. It was always WHEN. When I get more money, when I move back home, when my girl finishes school. That’s when I’ll start my business, grow my career and start living.

Mo had enough of WHEN and waiting.

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Always Be Closing


I admit it: selling has a stigma. No one grows up wanting to be a salesperson. You want to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or maybe something else. Whatever it is, what it is not is sales. I think it’s the whole used car guy thing. We associate sales with shadiness, and we steer clear.

But to sell is human.

Don’t believe me? We need only look as far as love. Everyone has been in love, or at least extreme lust. How do you win the affection of another? A male peacock raises its feathers. You get good grades, drive a nice car and call her mom every Sunday, all in hopes of influencing her heart. One might argue that love reciprocated is the highest aim of sales.

But I digress: let’s look at something a little less serious. Have you ever tried convincing a friend of your point of view? And do you remember begging your parents to stay up just one more hour? You were selling too. Why? Because you learned a long time ago that the only way to get what you want is by asking.

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Catching Up After Coachella


It’s taken me a week to recover and write, but I’m back! Fourteen days ago I left the crazy cold of NYC (yes, we woke up to snow in April) and headed to Palm Springs, California for The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Over the weekend more than 100,000 people watched no less than 165 acts across five stages.

It’s adult Disney World.

There’s a carnival, outdoor dance club, stationary and moving art installations and lights, so many lights! And that’s not to mention any of the music. I saw Aloe Blacc, Bastille, Ellie Goulding, Chromeo, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Outkast, Kid Kudi, Lorde, Fatboy Slim, Capital Cities, Pharrell, Skrillex, Nas, Alesso, Calvin Harris, Lana Del Ray, Adventure Club and Duck Sauce perform. By the time it’s all over you’re crawling out of the desert, happy. Not once did I see any fights or ambulances.

It’s all about love, and it got me thinking: why is everyone at peace?

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