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Holiday Party 2013 (a recap)

It’s my favorite time of the year. It’s also the most obnoxious time of the year.

First, you have Thanksgiving and, in modern times, that means eating until you get the itis. And did my family eat! For 5 people, we had turkey, ham, rack of lamb, greens (no, not Kale), string beans, macaroni and cheese, corn pudding (it’s a southern thing), potato salad (shout out to my sister), cranberry sauce and rolls. Oh and the dessert, which included my grandmother’s famous German chocolate, peach cobbler, sherbet and birthday cake for my pops. It was the definition of gluttony, and it tasted so good. Thanks mom.

And then comes December and with it Hanukkah (alas, it came early this year), Christmas and yes, Kwanzaa too. Before you know it, people are “working from home” more often and no one cares to get anything done. I love it!

Let us not forget that in between the festivity and the faith (folks, remember the reason for the season), you have the infamous holiday party. Many jobs have been lost, careers permanently stalled and work/life boundaries crossed during the one night when you and your boss can take shots and it not end in someone (e.g. you) packing a box and being escorted out the door.

My holiday party took place last Thursday in New York City, and it’s everything I expected and more. Here, my friends, is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from a night I somewhat remember…

The Good

We work hard, and it’s nice to be rewarded. Sometimes it’s small things like a certificate of appreciation. Other times, it’s a party. No, really it was an event that included free massages, a photo booth, food on food on food, an electric violinist, 5 bars of free booze (I was sipping on Woodford Reserve all night, smooth) and snow…in doors.

It was beyond generous, and so were we. Many attendees brought a gift for Toys for Tots and, amidst our celebration, it was beautiful to see table after table extending our joy to those in need.

The Bad

For one night only, we’re a family. Maybe it’s the free flowing spirits or the feeling in the air, but there’s peace. No water cooler conversation, animosity that she got the promotion or jealousy for his work winning over mine.

It’s unfortunate that we reserve a single night to set aside our differences. We should come together more often.

The Ugly

My tolerance isn’t what it used to be, and the text messages I sent toward the end of the night and convo in the cab ride home can attest. Real talk, I fell asleep while on the phone and that’s never a good look.

When I woke up my apartment looked like Project X; there was salt and a half eaten pretzel in my bed, Advil and water by my bedside (I’m always prepared though) and clothes on the floor for as far as the eye could see.

Needless to say, I enjoyed myself a little too much.

But that’s the point. It’s time for a little rest, relaxation and celebration because we’ve earned it. To you and yours, have a Happy Holiday.


  • Kevin Diamond

    Hahahahah this is awesome

    Cheeres to the New Years!

    Happy Holiday season all!

    • michaelpeggs

      And to you my friend, Happy Holidays!

  • Mike

    Haha, great write up!

    • michaelpeggs