No New Resolutions

This year I’m not resolving. I’m responding.

Like most of you, I didn’t keep my 2013 resolutions. I planned to hit the gym and put on 15 pounds of muscle, spend less than $40 per night on drinks (mind you, a Manhattan in Manhattan runs at least $12 not including tax and tip) and change careers. On December 31st I was batting 0-3.

I struck out.

BUT 2014 will be different because I’m not resolving anything. Resolutions don’t work, and here’s why:

  1. We’re not really committed. If so, we wouldn’t need a date change to change course and go after what we want
  2. The finish line is too far. Have you ever done something for 365 days?! That’s a lot of time and habits take too long to form.
  3. Something comes up. Stuff always happens.

See, we let life happen to us so things never go according to plan. It’s not our plan!

It will take longer, cost you more and you’ll get less than you expected. And how does it manifest? Well, the weight doesn’t come off as quickly, money seems to magically disappear and that new position won’t be available until April, at the earliest. So we wait until next year when everything will be different.

Resolutions are reactions to what went wrong.

Instead, respond.

Look at it like this. You have an interest, a goal or a passionate pursuit. It’s a seed, and it’s your job to nourish it’s growth. Not feeling up to the challenge? Nip your nervousness in the bud. Too many obstacles standing in your way? Take temporary cover from the rain. Coming up short? Spread out far and wide and seek guidance elsewhere.

No, you can’t control the sunshine or send the rain. What you can do is expect the good, anticipate the bad, and adjust your response to whatever life hands you.

Be it a lemon or otherwise, the fruits of your labor are sewn proactively. Respond and then harvest your reward.

  • DedicatedToFun

    My New Years resolution is to go to the beach every single day (except when traveling). As cool as that may sound, its actually pretty difficult when you think about it because you have work every weekday and some weekends you are just busy or lazy and don’t want to leave your apartment. By going to the beach everyday, that should help reduce my stress on weekdays and encourage me to get more exercise on weekends as I have to bike all the way there. Plus it will keep me from taking for granted something cool that I live close to. When you ask locals how many times they do the coolest things that their city is known for, most of the time the answer is super low compared to how many times you assume you would go if you lived there. So here I go…Responding to attempt my goal to get in better health and truly take advantage of my city…Peggs Style.

    • michaelpeggs

      Please share what you do where you can can work from the beach every single day. I may need to switch careers!

  • This has been my feeling for some time now. As I am currently writing my 2013 my reflection, I want to focus on how my experiences emphasized areas of opportunities, and my values for pursuing those opportunities (or how you put it, responding to the call).

    Thanks for the awesome post.

    • michaelpeggs

      Yes, reflect and respond rather than resolve, regret and then react! Do share what opportunities you find once the direction become clear